Hi Friend,

What if I told you one single thought has changed my life forever? Would you believe me? I know it sounds bold, and I will take it even a step further and say it could change your life, too.

If you asked me “How are you doing, Jennie?” this would be my answer: Given the day, I’m great. I have all my kids home; I have food, and I still get to do meaningful work. On that same day, I’m an absolute disaster. I have anxiety so thick that my chest hurts physically. I have had to quit watching the news because I can't sleep if I watch it. I’m frustrated with my kids even though they haven't done anything but be kids. I’m wondering about the welfare of my team and our organization and our personal finances for the year to come. And on a given day, too, I'm sad. I'm also sad because the world is suffering universally right now. That's all in one day, and I bet I'm not alone. I bet those same feelings and more are going through your mind on a given day.

We are also facing new anxieties, new unknowns, and our minds are full of more chaos than ever before. Our mind is the catalyst in which the rest of our life plays out. That is the place we have to start.

I want to talk about toxic thoughts and how it’s possible to think different thoughts.

Because we are in charge of our thoughts. They are not in charge of us.⁣

In these next six weeks together, I’m going to give you one thing. One big thing. It is the daily practice of interrupting your thoughts. We have a choice as to what we think about. Jesus died for the freedom of our minds. Our minds are now free to worship Him. We no longer have to be conformed to the world. I’m crazy if I don’t do something with that! God has given us power over our minds. Why would we not use it? So come on this journey with me. It just might change your life.

In faith,